Borderlands Strategy Guide – Road Warriors: Bandit Apocalypse Part 2

Once you take out the first wave of outriders, Mad Mel shows his ugly face. You can’t actually see his face thanks to a metal helmet that he wears, but why would he hide his appearance if he wasn’t hideous to look at?

He’s too afraid to fight you one on one, so he’ll have a second batch of riders fighting alongside of him. As tempting as it is to blow him sky high, things will be a lot easier if you take out his cronies first. Just keep moving and fire continuously until they’re all scrap metal.

With everyone else out of the way, you’re free to circle the track and stay ahead of Mad Mel’s rockets. Remember when I said they could be outran? Well, it finally comes in handy for once. Whenever your shields go down, just race around a little bit, dodging fire, as they recharge. Do it as often as you need to.

If you yourself have a rocket launcher, you’ll need to get in pretty close to get a hit. It’s a dangerous tactic, but it’s necessary. Besides, rockets are really powerful and it will be worth it when you do score a direct hit. On the opposite side of the coin, those with mounted machine guns should stay as far away from Mel as possible. Keep moving and he shouldn’t be able to tag you with any of his rockets, but your bullets shouldn’t have any problem finding their target.

Whatever you do, don’t get close to Mel. His runner is huge compared to yours and if he rams you, you can kiss your butt goodbye. If you find that he’s gaining on you, don’t be afraid to jam on the nitro to get away. If he does hit you, it will probably destroy your runner, so just hop out and go at it on foot. It’s a long shot, but it’s possible with a rocket launcher.

After he’s dead, drive on through to New Haven and report his death to Helena Pierce.

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