Borderlands Strategy Guide – Arid Hills Part 2

If you’re following this guide, you just laid waste to the first bandit house you come across in the Arid Hills. With these bandits dead, as well as the ones on the bridge to the north, jump off the roof, collect any surrounding loot, and head north. Once again, hop up platforms along the left wall. You should be able to take cover behind a small pile of crates, which will give you a nice vantage point over the foes at the next shack. If you get a good group built up, don’t forget to blow up that propane tank!

After you’ve cleared the area, gather the loot (make sure to go behind the building) and head to the New-U station to the north. Be sure to get close enough to activate it. This is where you’ll spawn if you die. Watch the skies, because you may suffer a rakk attack in this area. When the coast is clear, head through the opening to the east of the station. Keep your eyes peeled upward for the guy standing on the balcony above. Taking out the barrel is a good way to get rid of him. Once you open fire, you should get attacked on the ground by a lone bandit. After you kill him, it’s onto the area that contains the sniper rifle parts – and a lot of bandits.

Scavenger: Sniper Rifle

When you enter this grade A cluster, enemies will open fire from seemingly every direction. Your best bet is to make a mad dash across the left (western) wall and into the empty shack at the end. You can hold the fort down from here and bandits will be force to attack you from one direction. They won’t all attack, but after you kill all those that do, the remaining foes shouldn’t be any trouble. It’s time for the sniper rifle parts.

Your waypoint won’t be of much use to you and this guide will only get you so far without pictures or video, but hopefully I can guide you to the area and you’ll spot the object’s glowing green shimmer.

After you leave the safety of your shack, head north. You should find the sniper rifle scope in a pile of trash. Keep heading north and take a right onto the metal platform. You’ll find the scope in this area, next to a toilet. Now head northeast, still on the platform, until you find the barrel lying on a bench. Finally, turn around and head southeast across the bridge, go south, and the body is on the balcony of the first shack on your right.

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