Borderlands Strategy Guide – Arid Hills Part 3

You’re finished with Sledge’s safe house! Hooray! Now it’s time to head back through the Arid Hills and kill Moe and Marley on the way. The safe house takes a good while to get through, so chances are all of the enemies that you killed on the way through the hills have respawned. Fight your way back to the New-U station in the middle of Arid Hills and take the right just before the pole. You should be heading northwest. Moe and Marley roam this whole general area, so you’ll just have to explore until you run across them. This is a tough fight, so be prepared.

The Legend of Moe and Marley

If at all possible, try to attack one of them while they’re split up. Fighting one of them is hard enough. Fighting both of them at once is, well, twice as hard! Alpha skags are heavily armored in the front, so ideally that’s the last place you want to attack. If you’re a soldier, you can use your turret for some flanking maneuvers or sirens can sneak up behind them. In most cases, you’ll have no choice but to face them head on.

Despite having better stats, Marley is the easiest to take down. Fight him like you would a spitter skag, shooting for his mouth and then sidestepping as he spits electrified plasma at you. If you’re a real crack shot, you can shoot the ball of plasma in mid-air.  If other skags attack you while you’re fighting him, it’s easiest to clear them out first. Shock weapons are ineffective against Marley, but flaming or corrosive weapons work great.

Moe is much more in-your-face than Marley with his devastating charge, but he’s also capable of a fire-based area attack. Your best bet is to run backwards while shooting him, hopefully scoring critical hits when he rears up for his area attack, and then jump backwards to avoid harm. Since his attacks are fire-based, weapons of that type are practically useless, but corrosive and shock weapons can be good. Since he’s so close all the time, a shotgun is the best choice to take him down.

After they’re dead, battle your way back out of the Arid Hills.

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