Borderlands Strategy Guide – The Arid Badlands Part 8

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Once outside of the mine, make this your active quest.

It turns out Bruce was scamming the local bandits by selling them what he claimed to be exotic cigars, only instead of exotic, they were poison. They didn’t take kindly to this and forced Bruce to sample his own product. Now you need to go round up the rest of them before they can do damage to some unsuspecting schmuck.

Grab a ride from the Catch-A-Ride outside of the mine entrance and take a left out of there, hugging the southern wall and heading west. When you get to the vending machines, hop out of the car and head up the small path directly across from the machines, the one that runs up along the mountain. You’ll find a red chest and the first box of cigars.

Fortunately, the remaining two boxes are in the area directly below you. Equip your weapon of choice and, from the high ground, clear the area of bandits and skags. Once they’re gone, hop down and grab the last two boxes. That’s it for this mission.

Insult to Injury

In this mission, you’ll have to recover almost a dozen skulls that have been affixed to pikes. They’re located in Titan’s End, which is immediately north of your location. The area is crawling with bandits and you should take them out before you even worry about the skulls. They’re scattered throughout the area and the layout makes it hard for them to gang up on you, but it will happen if you aren’t quick. I know this flies in the face of the usual strategy of moving slow and sticking to cover, but if the bandits get a chance to group up the mission will be a lot more difficult.

Once you take all of the bandits out, collecting the skulls is just a matter of following the green dots on your compass. Some skulls will be up on platforms, so if you can’t find a certain one, try exploring different levels. Be sure to also grab the two chests right in the center of the camp, one in the pit and one on the platform above.

Once you’re done with this, head back to Fyrestone for the final time to turn in your quests. You should receive a firearm, a grenade mod, and the achievement or trophy Made in Fyrestone for finishing all of the quests in the Arid Badlands. From here, head west across the map to reach the Dahl Headland.

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