Borderlands Strategy Guide – The Arid Badlands Part 7

Now that Sledge is dead and gone, what is life like in the Arid Badlands? Pretty much exactly the same. It’s still crawling with bandits that will shoot you and soon as look at you and skags that plan on making you their next meal. That never stopped you before, and it’s not going to stop you now. It’s time to finish up this wasteland and move on to the next one. Head to the Fyrestone Bounty Board and pick up Find Bruce McClone, Insult to Injury, and Schemin’ That Sabotage.

Find Bruce McClone

This is a two part quest. Bruce McClone’s fiance posted a notice on the Fyrestone bulletin board claiming that the guy hasn’t been home in weeks and she’s looking for someone willing to track him down. You’re that someone.

The first part of this quest will lead you to a small shack west of the Zephyr Substation. Once inside, some stairs will lead you down into the basement, where you’ll find poor Bruce’s corpse and a couple of midgets. Blow them away, loot the red chest, and examine Bruce’s journal to activate the second half of this quest, which we’ll get to after the following quest.

Schemin’ That Sabotage

Since you’re already close to Headstone Mine, you might as well head inside for this quest. If you haven’t shut the game off since killing Sledge, activate the New-U pole inside the mine and do so. This will reset all of the chests in the mine, giving you extra loot.

Your first goal here is to get to the turret. For a good strategy, you can refer back to this guide. However, you’re stronger than last time, and you can probably spend less time huddling behind cover and more time playing action hero. Either way, make it to the turret.

The fuses that you need to hit are in the yard that the turret overlooks, which is why you want you to hop in and clear out all of the bad guys. Once the coast is clear, hit all of the fuses, then run back up past the turret, hang a left, and hit the lever to complete the mission. Oh, and enjoy the show.

You can leave the mine now.

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