Borderlands Strategy Guide – The Arid Badlands Part 6

After killing Moe and Marley, it’s time to turn your quests in, which means heading back to the Arid Badlands. But before you head to Fyrestone, head over to Headstone mine, which is just south of where you picked up the final journal in the hidden journal mission. If you have trouble finding it, make Sledge: To The Safe House your active quest and your compass should lead you to it. Once you’re there, unlock the mine, but don’t go in. Unlocking the mine will automatically give you the quest Sledge: Battle For The Badlands. The reason we did this before traveling to Fyrestone is because it also activates a new mission from the bounty board and from Shep. From here, head back to Fyrestone and turn in your quests to the bounty board and pick up the Scavenger: Combat Rifle quest as well as any other ones you’ve missed. From there, head to Shep, and get What Hit The Fan. At this point, you should have those two as well as Circle of Death: Meat and Greet, Shock Crystal Harvest, and the Sledge mission.

What Hit The Fan

This is one of the funnier missions in Borderlands, where you have to blast Rakk crap off of a gunked-up windmill. Finding the windmill is a breeze (pun intended), just follow the main road west until you see a glowing windmill on the right. Take a right turn just past it and you’ll drive up a steep hill that will give you an easy shot at the windmill’s blades. Hop into the gunner seat and blast away at the Rakk crap until it’s all gone. Piece of cake!

Scavenger: Combat Rifle

For this mission, start heading back the way you came and stop as you come to a narrow metal bridge on the right. If you have a sniper rifle you can start picking guys off from the other side of the bridge. Even if you don’t hit them, it will rile them up and some will try to rush you, becoming easy targets. Once the enemies stop coming, it’s time to cross the bridge.

You’ll find the stock on a crate on the bridge itself.

Once you cross, follow the platform that goes up and right. Go through the shack and up the next platform and you’ll end up at a shack with a red chest inside. The sight is behind the shack.

Head back to bridge and this time take the ramp that goes down. It should lead your right to the barrel.

Go back up to the bridge and once again up the right ramp, then follow another that goes up and left. This should lead you to a pavilion with the combat rifle body.

And that’s it for this quest!

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