Borderlands Strategy Guide – The Arid Badlands Part 5

Return to Zed

Once you return to Fyrestone, turn in Get a Little Blood on the Tires at the bounty board, and then continue to Zed. Not only will you get the usual XP and cash reward for turning in this quest, you’ll also get a storage deck upgrade that allows you to have a third weapon equipped, as well as a new quest, Sledge: Meet Shep. On your way back to your runner, swing by the Fyrestone bounty board to pick up Shock Crystal Harvest and you should be able to get Hidden Journal: The Arid Badlands, which requires you to find five journals hidden in the area.

Sledge: Meet Shep

Take the road west out of town and this time you’ll be able to drive through the open gate. But! Before you do so, hang a right and head back into Bone Head’s hideout. If anyone has respawned, you’ll have to take them out like before. On the north side of the hideout, near the propane tank, you should see the first journal. Be sure to grab it. Now turn around and continue down the road.

Again, don’t go through the gate yet. Instead, take a left and head back to the camp where you first cleared out a number of bandits, next to the arena. In the middle of the camp, next to the red chest, is the second journal. If you’re like me, you saw it long before getting this mission and wondered what the heck it was!

You may be tempted to jump Piss Wash Gully again, but if you do so you’ll bypass Shep! After heading through the gate, Shep’s little shack is at the curve in the road, where you’ll see the man leaning against the wall next to a vending machine. Hop out and talk to him to complete this quest and get Sledge: The Mine Key, Get the Flock Outta Here, and Braking Wind.

Next, we’ll head down into the Zephyr Substation to complete Get the Flock Outta Here, Braking Wind, and advance the quests Hidden Journals: The Arid Badlands and Sledge: The Mine Key.

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