Borderlands Strategy Guide – The Arid Badlands Part 4

Bone Head’s Theft (Continued)

Now that you’ve killed Bone Head and gotten the digistruct module back, it’s time to finally catch that ride! Bring the module to the Catch-A-Ride station, install it, and accept the next mission.

The Piss Wash Hurdle

Despite the filthy name, this short mission is a lot of fun. To do it, you’ll need a runner, which I bet you can’t wait to try. You can choose from a variety of colors, all of which have a slightly different design. You can also choose whether to have a rocket launcher or machine gun on the back. Once you’ve got your runner, hop in the driver’s seat and let’s get going.

Now, before you head over to the Piss Wash Hurdle, stop off at Fyrestone. Run over to the bounty board and grab the quest Get a Little Blood on the Tires. This mission requires you to run over ten enemies with your car. I’m not going to make a separate section for it, because you’ll end up completing it while you’re just driving around, working on other quests. The rule of thumb is that if you’re driving along and see someone/something in your path, put them in your headlights and hit the gas. Easy enough! Running things over does cause slight damage to your runner’s shields, but as long as you’re not mowing down really high level mobs quicker than the shields can recharge, you should be fine.

You might not want to make a habit out of vehicular manslaughter though, because running down enemies gives you less XP than if you were to take them out on foot.

Take the road west out of Fyrestone until you get to a locked gate. You’ll be opening this up from the other side. At the gate, take a detour left and you should come to a large ramp overlooking Piss Wash Gully. There’s also a skag hole, so be sure to run over any skags you see. Line your runner up with the ramp, be sure to hit the turbo, and jump that sucker. Once you land on the other side, Scooter will freak out about missing your awesome jump.

When you land, take a right and go up the road, which will curve around and lead you to the other side of the locked gate. Some bandits will be guarding it, but they’re really just fodder to help you complete Get a Little Blood on the Tires. Once they’re taken care of, open the gate and you’ll get the Return to Zed quest. To turn that in, just head back to Fyrestone. Along the way, be sure to run over everything you see and complete that quest as well.

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