Borderlands Strategy Guide – The Arid Badlands Part 3


Now that you’re done with Skag Gully, let’s put that place behind you. In fact, let’s leave it in the dust, because it’s time to get you some wheels. You might already have this quest if you grabbed everything from the Fyrestone Bounty Board before venturing into the gully. To complete it, just go to the Catch-A-Ride pole right outside the Fyrestone gates. That was easy, but the mission it gives you is a bit tougher.

Bone Head’s Theft

In order to get the Catch-A-Ride service up and running, you’ll need to take the digistruct module back from Bone Head and his thugs. You could’ve attempted this mission before you went into the gully, but it would have been extremely difficult. It’s still going to be quite a challenge. To find Bone Head and his hideout, take a right just outside the gate to Fyrestone. You can take the first right into a small gap, the same gap where bandits occasionally sneak out, but it will be easier to keep going and take the second right so that you approach the hideout from the southwest.

Before approaching Bone Head’s lair, take out any skags in the area to prevent them from attacking you from behind during your assault. Like most effective strategies, this one involves shooting from afar, so if you have a sniper rifle, now is the time to use it. Take some cover outside of the lair, there are tires nearby that can do the job, and open fire. Bone Head is the tall one with the bone on his head, if you couldn’t tell. A few headshots should be able to take him down, but if you’re not that accurate, don’t hesitate to bust out your action skill. Soldiers should throw down their turrets right in the doorway and hunters can unleash their bloodhawks, while Sirens can Phasewalk right up to Bone Head and let loose with a flurry of headshots. Brick may want to hold back on using his berserker skill unless there are only a few enemies left, and even then it’s risky.

After Bone Head and his thugs are dead, the digistruct module is in a silver chest at the end of the lair. Bone Head himself will drop a lot of loot, including his Bone Shredder SMG, which is highly-accurate but also consumes plenty of ammo.

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