Borderlands Strategy Guide – Shock Crystal Harvest Part 1

This is the first mission in the game that I remember having a hell of a time with. The cave that holds the shock crystals is a deathtrap. Not only will you have to deal with the usual skags and bandits, but you’ll also be introduced to Larva Crab Worms, which are a serious pain in the neck. Well, let’s get to it!

Shock Crystal Harvest

If you’re coming out of the circle of death cavern, the quickest way to get to the cave is to head east, in the direction of Fyrestone, and then take the first right and heads down into the zephyr substation. Hug the right wall and keep driving until you come to a New-U pole and Catch-A-Ride. You’re there!

When you first walk in the cave, stock up at the vending machines if need be. The worms show up quickly afterwards. They can burrow underground, so if one of them disappears, watch your backside. Their weakspot is their giant eye, so don’t be afraid to get up close and personal and unload a shotgun shell into their face. They give a lot of XP, so the upside to dealing with these ugly creatures is they’re a good way to level.

Keep your eye out for batches of shock crytals. Like all other collectables, they’ll glow green, so they shouldn’t be that difficult to find. To collect them, attack them until they shatter into five different pieces. Don’t worry about missing any, as the cave has a lot more than you actually need.

There are skags, worms, and bandits in the cave, so you’ll run into your fair share of opposition. The good thing is that if you’re cunning enough, you can make them fight each other. Just lead one type of enemy into a group of another type and get out quickly. The siren’s phasewalk ability is ideal for this.

The bandits have set up camp further along in the cave. Snipers can take up position next to the nearby New-U pole and open fire. Sirens can phasewalk through and head left to set up positon back in the corner, attack from behind, and then phasewalk back out and snipe. Berserkers and soldiers don’t have many options here, but their action skills will still come in handy.

You’re pretty much halfway done with the quest, but you’re not in the clear yet. Next, I’ll tell you how to repair a claptrap, collect more crystals, and get out alive!

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