Batman: The Brave and the Bold DS Preview

News in the Nintendo DS gaming department has been pretty slow recently; certainly not the future of Nintendo DS as the 3DS by far shows that Nintendo’s handheld still has the longevity to go strong for some time, but what are we to do on train journeys until then?

Thankfully WayForward have been developing Batman: The Brave and the Bold for the Nintendo DS and Wii. This is an interesting side-scrolling beat-em-up in which you venture as Batman through a series of levels and take on swarms of enemies with the helping hand of various other DC comic superheroes. The Brave and the Bold is actually based on a Cartoon Network series that is flavoured with bright colours, and the game will follow suit rather than feature stealthy action gameplay and dark tones. This is a good old fashioned beat-em-up with repetitive button mashing and it seems like it will be very addictive.

The style is reminiscent of the comic books of old and WayForward have fitted it well to the DS. It surprises me how there are not more 2D side-scrollers on the DS considering Nintendo’s history and the DS’s efficiency for them, but I digress. The player will continually switch between characters to achieve certain goals in each level. For example, Batman will be used for his array of combat skills while the alternative character Plastic Man, who lacks fighting skills but has great jumping prowess, will be used to reach areas the Dark Knight cannot.

Another interesting feature is the game’s co-op mode. You can have a friend help you out as Robin, the Green Lantern, or any of the other DC characters. The Wii and DS versions of The Brave and the Bold will also be compatible with one another, so a friend with the DS version can assist you as Bat-Mite while you play the Wii version.

Nintendo DS and Wii gamers will get to try out WayForward’s entry into the Batman franchise when Batman: The Brave and he Bold launches in September. No exact or official release date is known just yet.  Stay tuned for more info.

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