Are You For Real, Mr. Mily?

They removed the starry Mr. Gay*! Those fiends! How could they?

As well as commenters looking for hidden messages in Nintendo related images, it seems Internet sites are also speculating if this image will be made official box art for the forthcoming Super Mario Galaxy 2.

With the reintroduction of Yoshi, and belated introduction into the three dimensional series, having his huge gonk dominate much of the middle area makes the authenticity of this image seem pretty plausible.

Furthermore, having extra Yoshis somewhat crowding the background and demonstrating character related power ups such as speed boost and air inflation not only reinforces the authenticity but also proves, that if this is real, he may well outright steal the show.

What do you guys think?

Also, do think we’ll ever come across the starriness that was Mr. Gay* again? Or was he just a teaser…


Super Mario Galaxy 2 is said to be released May 23rd in North America and June 11th in Europe.

*”Mr. Gay” was a name or message that was spelled out in previous art images relating to Super Mario Galaxy 2 if one were to regard only letters that wore a twinkle. In the above image’s case, the name is “Mr. Mily”.

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  1. Actually, I think it’s supposed to spell out “UR MI ALY”, in reference to the team of Mario and Yoshi, didn’t a previous article point that out?

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