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Those looking forward to the Tim Burton take on the Lewis Carroll classic Alice in Wonderland might be interested to learn of a video game adaptation, which will be available for Nintendo Wii and DS, will be made available around the same time as the theatrical release.

In a recent Interview for Gamespot, Senior Producer Philip James said they were “allowed freedom” to veer away from the story in the film. This strategy is said to help develop the product into something that gels better with game mechanics and incorporate new, perhaps exclusive content such as new locations.

One noticeable aspect included in the forthcoming adaptations is that you do not play as Alice. Instead, gamers control residents of Wonderland, or in this case Underland, who have been assigned the somewhat contrived task to protect the curious heroine from potential danger.

Residents of Underland are a welcome party bag mix including the White Rabbit, the March Hare and the Mad Hatter.

Each character boasts unique, and perhaps nonsensical, strengths and abilities.

The White Rabbit is able to control time with his pocket watch. As well as freezing time, it is said he will also be able to “slow down” fast moving obstacles and “rewind” enemy encounters.

The Mad Hatter has powers of perception, allowing him to manipulate scenery or enemy encounters by “seeing them differently”. For example, numerous broken rocks floating between a gap in a main pathway could, if required, be assembled into a bridge simply by finding the correct camera angle. But the Mad Hatter’s perception powers are perhaps most amusing during enemy encounters, when he can squish bad guy’s heads with the power of his thumb and forefinger.

Elsewhere in the mix is the Cheshire cat, who can make offensive items disappear. There’s the Field mouse who, despite her tiny size, is the most effective in up close combat. Then there’s the March Hare who, as well as taking a liking to throwing cups and saucers, has telekinetic powers.

Throughout the game, strengths and abilities can be obtained and upgraded with use of the in game currency known as “impossible ideas”. What else, right?

Though both the Wii and DS versions may play the same, their look is different. The Wii version takes much inspiration from the style of the forthcoming film, whereas the DS version seems more like a cutout from an Emo cartoon strip.

Alice in Wonderland for both versions will be available 2nd March.

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