White 320GB PS3 Headed to Japan

White 320GB PS3 Headed to Japan

First Mother 3, now a white 320GB PlayStation 3?! I swear Japan gets all the cool stuff. You’ve all seen white models of Sony’s current home console, but have you ever seen the 320GB model get the colorless treatment? As it turns out, the Japanese market will be getting this version of the current PlayStation 3, and is it ever pretty!

Currently priced at ¥34,980 (which translates into $410 for North American markets), the white 320GB PlayStation 3 will come packed with a white DualShock 3 controller. That’s about it for that package, but given the price, color, and number of gigs, what more could you expect?

Here’s hoping this model of Sony’s PlayStation 3 makes its way to worldwide markets. I’m certain there are many folks out there who would love a matching 320GB PlayStation 3 to go next to their white Wii or Xbox 360 consoles.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com


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