The Sony Playstation 3 – Hacked and Exposed

The man who hacked the 3.1 Apple iPhone firmware is at it again, this time he is messing around with Sony’s latest generation console; The Playstation 3.

Though Sony may have thought it was safe since it implemented blu-ray media into the technological market, it seems the grace-period of no modifications for the Playstation 3 have ended.

Geohot claims that that he has access to reading and writing on the PS3’s flash memory, without the need of a modchip. Upon further inspection, it seems his hacking exploit is similar to that of the PSP. It is unknown whether or not he will load games from the HDD, or has found a way to run back-ups of his own games. Further, Geohot didn’t release what type of firmware he was working with, but his software is “not patchable by Sony” according to him, but Sony always figures out a way to counter any weak parts of their systems pointed out by hackers.

To make such a bold statement at this point in time must mean he has not yet revealed his plans to anyone yet, this is certainly an interesting topic in the gaming/hacking community.

For further information be sure to visit Geohot’s blog here.

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