Strategy Guide Series – Darksiders: Wrath of War; Part 8

Twilight Cathedral Entrance

Upon entering the cathedral via the main door, you will need to keep to the east, once you get to latter part of the area,  the Watcher will direct you to a sword, which you will need to take and place in the empty hands of a statue in the eastern part of the room. Once you do the previous it will unlock a door.

Lava Room

After gaining access to the new-found area,  you will need to head south, as the only chamber you can access is in that area. However, you will need to return to this area to open a chamber in the northern part, with a new sword nonetheless.

South Chamber

In this area, you will be jumped by an array of enemies near the courtyard, just kill them off and look around for a locked door, because it will be a pain to find it after you’ve got the beholder’s key to access it, just memorize the location. You will find an isolated chest after searching around, the chest will contain health. On a side note, you will also find a bomb plant, like in the Legend of Zelda, these bombs will help you gain access to secret areas, and will disintegrate some enemies for you as well. In the case of the first perk attributed to the bombs, you will find a group of red crystals, toss a bomb at them, and it will allow to continue your route to the southeast area of the cathedral.

You’re gonna need to cruise over some lava and use some the ledges from the indentations on the wall to reach the upper part of the area. While reaching the peak, you will notice a green demon like chest, it will contain an item named the “Undying”, you can equip this particular item via a wraith slot, its purpose is to revive you if ever you die, sort of like a “Phoenix Down”.

After obtaining the latter, you will need to head north, you will find a door leading you back to the area near the courtyard where you were jumped and a chest which contains a map of the dungeon, yay! However, across the room is the “Hoardseeker”, a useful doohickey which will permit you to view the location of all the other locations of treasure in the cathedral.  Inversely, you cannot obtain this now without another item called the “Crossblade”, you will have to backtrack and get it later. Unless, you want to endure some old school trial & error glitch jumping ; scout the area for a patch of red crystals adjacent to a bomb plant, use a double jump towards the crystals and blow that annoying horn as while you are falling in the air near the red crystals and their neighborly bombs should explode revealing a route to the “Hoardseeker”, pick up that bad boy why don’t ya?

Subsequently, head to the area where you found the map, and from there go north, you will gain access to the atrium which has a strange demon hanging and dabbling around, look around for a chest which contains 250 souls. Afterwards, return to the courtyard and examine a shining statue, you will need to push this statue toward off the edge of your platform. Once this is done, you will see that the statue left a mark when it hit the otherwise “solid” ground of the yard. Hop into the self-made bunny hole, and enter another hell-like environment.

Another Hellish Area

Once you familiarize yourself with the lava pits once again, you will find that it is unnecessary to engage certain enemies  as they will be near the edge of the platforms nears the lava, yeah just blow your horn and they will tumble and burn. You will need to grab onto ledges, and time your double jumps, it can be costly to your health if you do not watch where you are going. Head south, and you will find some yellow fungi which will lead you to an ancient artifact, floating in the air, though, you will need to double jump and glide to obtain it, no doubt.

Look around for a door to gain access to a room where you will have to battle a few zombies soldiers to receive the Beholder’s Key from a chest. Now, you will need to head back to the upper area of the cathedral (the second area ; near where you encountered bomb plants for the first time in a church), and unlock the door.

Entering The Church… Again!

Whence you have opened the locked door, you will come across a new, but slightly similar to the rest, abundant lava pit area, hop over those pits and over to an area where you will find two treasure chests; one of the chests will contain 250 souls, and the other will contain some health. Likewise, no treasure goes unprotected, which is why you will need to face their “guardian” the “Conscriptor” (he’s an enemy, get ready to kick some tail). Like your usual dumb foes in Zelda, there is no need for a special tactic here, the enemy is just heavily armored for show. Just slice and dice until you dismantle his armor and his flesh becomes vulnerable, I’m surprised at the lack of a magic button, sometimes it gets long, so you may wanna use your special wrath abilities.

Northern Part of The Church – New Area Unlocked

Once the cookie crumbles, you will need to grab the sword being held by the statuettes, and haul the sword back to the atrium with the hanging bat like demon, and to the northern statue with empty hands and four trapeze like stones. After placing the blade in the designated area, a cut-scene will ensue, and you will now be able to access northern door of the atrium, and head to a new area with a more lively atmosphere.

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