Strategy Guide Series – Darksiders: Wrath of War; Part 7

Strategy Guide Series – Darksiders: Wrath of War; Part 7

“Hell” of a Ride

After hijacking the angelic horse from the heavenly guardians, you will find yourself flying across the desecrated terrain that is contemporary earth. However, it won’t be a joyride, in that sense, you will need to concentrate whilst War encounters a variety of enemies trying end your majestic flight.

Though, with the help of holding the attack button, you will be able to aim with a crosshair and launch fireballs at incoming threats. If you want to have an edge on the baddies, look for vehicles on surrounding the grounded enemies, and blow them up to protect yourself, as well as gain extra currency, and some health.

Furthermore, keep your eyes peeled for adversaries who will fire magical solutions with homing capabilities at you, on the other hand you’ll be able to lock on the projectiles and eradicate them. If that were not enough, an ideal strategy would be to take out the menial enemies with regular firebreath, and aim and take out bigger enemies; dragons in the lava pits, guardians in the city, etc.

Make sure to kill the small enemies to reap the benefits. A ballistic cutscene ensues, just brutal; it will remind you of Godzilla battles against other oversized monsters.

The Twilight Cathedral and the Surrounding Areas

In the end you’ll end up at the Twilight Cathedral via the unicorn you’re riding.  Make sure to scout the perimeter surrounding the cathedral and you will find a treasure chest containing 100 souls in the southern part of the map, also, in northeast part of the map, you will find a chest containing the Tremor gauntlets around a piece of ice.

The currency will be useful since you will encounter another Vulgrim location on the opposite side of the Twilight Cathedral’s threshold. Don’t mind the random cutscenes throughout your stay at the Cathedral, they will be pleasantly surprising.

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