Strategy Guide Series – Darksiders: Wrath of War; Part 4

Lava Pits

As you made your way across with the help of the blue elevation magic, you’ll need to swoop down an underground passage and you’ll find yourself in the middle of a lava flowing cesspool. All in all, you’ll notice a pretty blue orb, head towards it, and once you have reached it, look to your right and you’ll see a treasure chest in the lava. To get the booty, you will need to jump onto the small pieces of earth underneath you, from there you will get close enough to jump and retrieve it.

Afterwards, you’ll need to be on your way, follow through the area until you reach the a dead-end, upon inspection, you will notice some yellow fungus to scale the ceilings, and cross continue your route for  to reach the Choking Grounds.

For scouting and scenery purposes  at this moment, there lies a chest (which contains an Artifact that Vulgrim loves) at the end of the lava pit that you won’t be able to reach without a certain weapon which will enable you to do the pillaging. You might want to remember this minor detail later on.

The Choking Grounds (The area of many nuances and loot)

Once you reach the Choking Grounds, you will be met by many nuances, so watch your step, and be prepared to evoke zombies of the masses, fortunately the latter is met with pillaging the whole area.

To begin, head to the center of the map which is the mausoleum, you’ll find your old friend Vulgrim. Head north of the mausoleum to staircase leading to an underground mausoleum filled with delightful enemies that you will soon irritate as you attempt to retrieve an artifact. Be sure you have enough strength to take out the foes by stocking up on some enhancing elements at Vulgrim’s shop.

Once you exit the underground mausoleum, look for 3 tombs adjacent to each other, push the middle one, and you will discover a hidden staircase, similar to your first underground encounter get ready to duel, and retrieve some loot.

To keep accumulating your wealth, it would be wise to destroy all the tombstones with crosses in the graveyard, there are seven in total, they are all in viewing distance, however there is a tricky one upon a small elevation of ground which is located in northwest part of the cemetery. If that were not enough, after your rampage on the tombstones, a chest will appear near the 3 tombs from earlier on, inside will be a lifestone shard.

If you’re ever low on health, you’ll want to head to the parking lot north of the cemetery where you’ll find a chest with green orbs. Further, to the southwest of this area there lies a chest with 100 souls in it, located underground; access by stairs. Thereupon, you will need to head to the northeast area’s gate, from there, head south of a ramp which leads you beneath ground level to discover another chest bearing another 100 souls. Ensuing the preceding, you will need to proceed further down the ramp in the direction of the dreaded Tormented Gate, and take a left into a tunnel  taking you to the northeast corner of the area, pursue your route and you will locate a building with quite a few levels.  On the first floor you’ll find a chest bearing 100 souls, on the second floor you’ll find a chest with a wrath shard.

Cutscene Time

Backtrack a bit, and head towards the big stone gate (which is really a Golem, but you knew that) to the northeast of the paved road. Blow your horn (the Earthcaller), and watch the ensuing cutscene.

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