Sony says to stop playing the older PS3

Sony has done it again, putting out a strong product that can’t last.

Bugs with clocks have been around for a while. The Y2K problem was associated with the system clock reverting to 1900, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire loses the ability for trees to make berries after a year of gameplay, and once the timer hits 99 hours on Final Fantasy 7, no more chocobo breeding.

You’d think that after those system and game breaking bugs of the past, you’d think that this, just like a previous overflow error involving one of Apple’s products, would be something that would only happen if someone smashed the bios with a hammer.

Of course, Sony being a bit of a money-grubbing company, it wont be long until rumors about them doing this on purpose to force people into buying a new console will begin circulating. With single-player games like Heavy Rain, despite not being online, requiring a hookup to the Playstation Network, in spite of pure common sense, and spiting my ability to use spite four times in a sentence as well as using it incorrectly to crack a joke, this is something that is going to piss people off just like the Red Ring of Death issue with the 360.

If you want to find a way to entertain yourself if you are one of the ones afflicted, go play La Mulana (includes translation patch and is freeware), which I’ll probably be reviewing soon.

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  1. The RROD issue would take weeks to fix and find a replacement. Sony says they plan to have the issue fixed Tuesday morning, I don’t believe them but a calendar issue isn’t as big a deal as RROD. It will piss people off, im a bit pissed off I can’t play right now but if it’s only like this for a day or two who cares.

  2. It’s more that this kind of issue is something basic usually. Much like the aforementioned security hole in one of Apple’s products I think (or the Blackberry, some smartphone) that was caused by an overflow error, which has been a prime cause of glitches since the days of Pac Man

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