EA announces MMA game and EA live broadcast

Earlier at E3, EA was very excited to announce that it is taking THQ on in the genre of MMA video games, this is somewhat hypocritical of them considering they never thought the MMA franchise would ever sell well if brought into video games, looks like they’re wrong.

Just after announcing the new MMA game, EA also announced a new “social experience”, called EA live broadcast. This is essentially putting yourself in the new MMA game they’re developing. What happens is you take a picture of your face (using a console camera), upload it to the game, create your realistic avatar, and fight online. But, there is much more to it, matches you are in are broad casted live (if you are popular and skilled enough), and live broadcasters are commentating your every move. And if that wasn’t cool enough, if you get far enough, you can compete against real people around the world for real life prizes.

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  1. Competing in such a game with other players live will also help you to learn to fight without actually taking the harsh blows you would take in real life training.

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