PlayStation Motion Controller Name to be Announced

It’s official, people.  Tonight Sony will reveal the name of their motion controller, currently referred to as the PlayStation Motion Controller.  (Creative name, eh?)  Sony has stated that the name of the upcoming motion sensing controller will indeed be revealed during their main show at GDC tonight.

Rumors have been running rampant since word of this thing surfaced oh so many moons ago, and after hearing suggestions both cool and lame from the internet community, we will finally know Sony’s trademarked name for the peripheral.

The name that most people are betting will be official is PlayStation Move, as yesterday the sly folks over at Sony trademarked the name in Europe.  So, even though nothing is set in stone just yet, it is highly likely that that will be the official name of the motion controller.  Of course we won’t know until later on tonight.

Sony will officially reveal the name of the PlayStation Motion Controller (This may be the last time we here at GamerSyndrome call it that before the reveal, so savor it.) tonight at 7 PM ET.

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