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I still remember thinking of opening a Detective Club when I was 13. The blame goes none other than the Spy novels, series and movies. Still, how I was absorbed in the spy characters makes me think what was so special about them. To prove me wrong, video game industries’ spy plot games like Splinter Cell, Metal Gear seemed to show up in stores and got me to buy them. Like these legendary games Agent 007 took part in the race of spy plot games long before them in 1983.  Nearly 27 years later the James Bond video games series is still entertaining Bond and spy plot genre fans. With the latest installment Golden Eye(remake) and 007 Blood Stone released 2 years from Quantum of Solace should satisfy the needs of the series fans.

Today I will cover for 007 Blood Stone. The game’s plot is completely original adding a new and tasty Bond story. The game developer Bizzare Creations and publisher Activision take you on a ride to Athens, Istanbul, Monaco and Bangkok giving you a chance to prevent world’s most dangerous biochemical weapon falling into wrong hand.

Generally,  the genre of the game is Action-adventure/ third person shooter but it includes hand-to-hand combat system with some driving sequences. There is combat stealth takedown ability where you  swiftly put your enemies to eternal sleep. The hand to hand combat system is really like the new Bond movies of Daniel Craig. It’s brutal, fast and deadly. The shooting experience of the game is almost like any other third person shooting games but it includes cover system and an unique focus aiming where 1 shot is 1 easy takedown. The driving sequences are car chases, a speed boat chase and both enables the player to shoot at objects or enemies.  It’s a new combat system all in all.  Blood Stone also has a multiplayer mode where max 16 players can play as spies Vs mercenariesmassive objective-based battles where players have to work as a team or shield against enemies of espionage genre goals.

The game got positive reviews from GameSpot and Game Informer each giving score of 7.5/10.  The weaknesses of the game were pointed out by others that the game was not long, repetitive nature of fights and the story itself is confusing!

This game is out for PC, P S3, Nintendo DS and Xbox 360.

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