Borderlands Strategy Guide – Brick Part 1

Brick is the musclebound strong man of Borderlands. He doesn’t even have a class, he’s just “Brick.” Pain doesn’t phase him; it doesn’t even register with him. And he hits hard. He prefers to use his fists to do his fighting, but if he needs a weapon, he’s partial to explosives.

Brick’s action skill is his Berserk ability. Once activated, both the aim and fire buttons throw punches, you gain resistance to all damage, and your health regenerates. The initial cooldown time is one minute and the ability is good for 18 seconds of pure ass-kicking mayhem.

The downside to the Berserk ability, much like Lilith’s Phasewalk, is coming out of it. If you don’t clear the area of enemies while you’re using your action skill, then you could be surrounded my gunfire when it wears off, which could kill Brick really quickly. It’s a good idea to not even use it against stronger enemies until you upgrade through various skills. When playing Brick, you’ll have to greatly alter your play style so as to avoid putting yourself in dire situations.

In fact, it may not be a good idea to solo as Brick if you’re a first time player. While he can wield the same weapons as everyone else, he doesn’t a skill tree that benefits gunplay, so guns are only so useful with him. His skills are geared more towards health regeneration, explosives, and of course, melee. He’s not particularly bad with any weapons, but he’s not particularly good, either.

Brick’s three skill branches are Brawler, Tank, and Blaster. Put early points into Safeguard and Hardened, which will increase your shield power and health. This is a good idea no matter what combat style to decide to focus on.

If you plan to use Berserk often, start putting skill points into Endless Rage and Iron Fist, which will make Berserk last longer and your punches do more damage.

Sting Like a Bee can be helpful once you master it, as it will let you shoot from one opponent to the next, making the most of your Berserk time.

Juggernaut is another good skill. It will increase your resistance to all damage for a short while after killing an enemy.

At this point in the game, you’ll need to decide which direction you want to take Brick in and spec him accordingly.

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