Borderlands Strategy Guide – Arid Badlands Part 2

Fixer Upper

After you’ve done away with five skags and turned in Skags at the Gate to Dr. Zed, he’ll give you your next mission, Fixer Upper. He has a med vendor in his house/operating room that supplies folks with shields, stim packs, and other goodies, but it’s not operating at the moment due to a lack of power. Your mission is to find a power coupling and get that sucker up and running again so you can outfit yourself with a shield.

Getting to the power coupling is easy enough. Head out of town via the gate and take an immediate left. At the end of that road, which isn’t very far, you’ll find a downed vending machine with the coupling you need. Stick to the left of the road if you don’t want to be attacked by skags; you’ll be walking right next to the hole that they attacked from earlier. Though if you’re doing this mission right after completing the previous one, they may all be dead.

Once you get to the end, there’s another skag hole across the road from the vending machine, and you’ll have to kill them all before taking the coupling. Like before, aim for their weak spot: their mouths. After you’ve annihilated them, grab the coupling and head back to Zed.

Put the coupling in the machine, which will activate it, and buy yourself a shield. You’ll probably need to purchase the TDR-085 Standard Shield. There might be something better on sale as the “Item of the Day,” but this early in the game it will probably be out of your price range and have too high of a level requirement.

Blinding Nine-Toes

This is your first challenging mission. That is to say, the first mission where you’ll be up against a lot of human foes. Upon turning in Fixer Upper, Dr. Zed wants you to kill a bunch of bandits in a small outpost outside of Fyrestone. These guys are the eyes and ears of Nine Toes, the local bad guy hot shot, so you need to silence them. There are three ways to enter the outpost, but the best place to attack from is the north, close to the Arena sign. Sneak around to the right of the structure next to the sign until you can see the bandits and snipe away. Keep an eye open for the nearby red barrel. Those things make real pretty explosions and can take out a bandit or two.

You only have to kill eight bandits to complete the quest, but you might find more. Be sure to kill them all so you can safely loot the red chest in the middle of the outpost. Don’t forget to pick up anything they drop, either. Remember, even if you can’t use it, you can sell it.

Return to Dr. Zed to complete your mission and he’ll send you over to see TK Baha.

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