Borderlands Strategy Guide – The Arid Badlands – Part 1

Fresh Off The Bus

The game starts you in a small tutorial of sorts. You’ll talk to a Claptrap, activate the New-U stations, and check a toilet for goodies. Make your way up onto a nearby rooftop to find the game’s very first red chest. The first place the Claptrap will take you is to the gate, but before he can open it, bandits will crash your welcoming party. Instead of rushing forward to meet them, instead hang back and use the remains of the city for cover. If you have an accurate weapon, go for headshots. Otherwise aim for the center of the chest, just to make sure you hit them. After this section, it’s onward into Fyrestone. Don’t forget to open the next red chest you come to, though the Claptrap isn’t likely to let you forget. This chest contains a fixed set of repeater pistols, one from each manufacturer. The Torgue deals more damage, the Hyperion is more accurate, the Vladof fires faster, and the S&S has a bigger magazine. After you fight a few more bandits, you’ll find yourself in Fyrestone.

The Doctor Is In

Fyrestone is a very tiny town with nothing but a few buildings, a New-U station, and a handful of vending machines, though you can’t access these until you complete some missions. Your first mission is for Dr. Zed and he just wants you to open the door to his house, because it’s stuck shut. After you hit the button and give him some sunlight, simply walk in and talk to him to complete the mission. He’ll then give you another mission.

Skags at the Gate

Directly across from Dr. Zed’s pad, up on a shanty roof, you’ll find a red chest.

Head towards the gate, where the Poor Claptrap will once again get ambushed by bandits. If you’re quick enough, you can take them out as they hop over. If not, just get behind cover and take your time picking them off. Once they’re dead, you’ll see that the Claptrap is injured and needs repairing. This mission is so easy I’m not even going to give it its own fancy header! Take the mission, run back into town and grab the repair kit, and then return and repair the Claptrap. Job well done.

Now, straight outside the gate will be a skag cave. You can usually pick off one or two before they spot you. Once they start rushing you, switch to something like a shotgun or SMG, something good for close quarters, and aim for the mouth. Once you kill five of them, head back to Dr. Zed to turn in your quest and get the next one.

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