Acitivsion to sell in-game cut scenes as digital downloads or theatrical releases?

How much would you be willing to pay for a linear compilation of in-game cut scenes from some of your favorite games? Well Activision seems to think you would be willing to pay quite a bit. Now, we all know Activision, they love money, especially CEO Bobby Kotick, who in the past has contemplated on using the very successful World of Warcraft pay model, which consisting of subscription fees for some of Activision’s more popular console games. We’ve even seen Kotick complain about the low price of retail games? Well Kotick has another idea of taking cut scenes from more popular games (such as Star craft 2) and selling them as a standalone product for a controversial price of 20$ to 30$.

These cut scene compilations could be available through the medium of digital download, or even theatrical releases, Kotick goes on to say how these “movies” will probably be available in the next five years or so.

So what are your opinions on this interesting new turn for Activision, would you be willing to spend $20 to $30 on a movie-type presentation of your favorite video games? Do you think it’s pointless to spend $25 on cut scenes, when you could just buy the game? Or do you think this idea is something you’re on board with and could see more publishers adopting in the future?

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  1. F*cking Bobby .. that guy is always trying to monetize the shit out of everything.. give us something for free you bastard. Personally though if its starcraft 2 and there was some wicked cut scenes and bonus materials (maybe a 30-40 minuite “movie” not compiled from cut scenes?) id pay money… maybe not $20 though.. more like $5

  2. thing is anyone can do CG cutscenes, they just have a hard time flowing with the game because they look so much better. I think this will sorely disappoint a lot of gamers who value narrative in their games. I guess if they’re already evil though, they might as well milk it for all it’s worth

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