PSP Phone Coming Soon

PSP Phone Coming Soon

Although we’ve heard the rumors for more than a year, it seems as if Sony is in fact developing the mobile device that has become known as the “PSP Phone”. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Sony is currently developing a new lineup of handheld products specifically designed to compete against Apple’s iPhone, the upcoming iPad, and even the iTunes store. The new device is said to include a “smart phone capable of downloading and playing video games.” Sony is also opening its PlayStation brand to mobile developer Sony Ericsson in an attempt to link  Sony Ericsson devices to the PlayStation store much in the same way Sony has linked the PSP to the store.

In February, Sony Ericsson President Bert Nordberg stated that, “We missed the window for high-end and touchscreen devices big time. Part of the recovery will be much better design and closer work with our partner Sony. In the past there was no tie-up between us, the PSP platform and Sony, but you can expect to hear much more about that.”

This news all seems to add up as Sony announced in November that it would be launching a store to compete with iTunes, tentively calling it “Sony Online Service” which is set to launch in April. In addition, Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation linked handheld devices, including the PSP phone, will be released later this year:  It seems as if E3 is becoming interesting already.

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