Reggie on Next Nintendo Console, Competition

It seems that the folks over at Nintendo feel that it’s a little too soon to be talking about a new console.  In an interview with Forbes, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime stated that until Nintendo and third-party developers can’t work with the Wii anymore, then they won’t worry about a new console.

“We pride ourselves on the big innovative jump, typically in the area of the consumer experience,” said Fils-Aime.  “The way we approach that innovation, because we have hardware developers working side by side with software developers, is that when the software developer comes forward with an idea that can’t be executed on the current platform, that’s when we start thinking seriously about the next system. We’re not there yet, from a Wii perspective.”

So it seems that Nintendo and various development companies still haven’t hit a road block with the Wii, which is good news for those who still want to get as much mileage out of their Wii consoles as possible.  But with E3 looming ever so close, will Nintendo deliver some big console-related news?

Additionally, Fils-Aime was asked about how Nintendo plans to step up when Microsoft and Sony both introduce their motion-sensing controllers.  After mentioning the Wii’s impressive sales numbers and the Wii MotionPlus accessory, Fils-Aime stated that while Sony and Microsoft will create software for their motion control systems, Nintendo bases its entire console around the idea of motion functionality.

“Our competition will face their own challenge,” stated Fils-Aime in the interview.  “They’ll have to create compelling software. They’ll need to offer it at a price point that makes sense. They will be separately challenged because the motion-enabled part of their business will only be a small part of their line. For us, it’s core to what we do.”

So there you have it folks, as spoken by the Reg-ster himself.  Should Nintendo worry about releasing a new console in the near future?  Should they take into consideration the much-mentioned Wii HD?  Regarding Microsoft and Sony moving into the motion control territory, does Nintendo have reason to worry?  Or is the Big N taking the necessary steps and doing the right thing by not moving forward just yet?

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