10 Motion Controller Titles for PlayStation in 2010

You know that PlayStation Eye you have put away somewhere?  Well, now’s the time to bring it out of storage, because a recent report by Nikkei stated that “10 or so games” would be released for use with Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Motion Controller which is supposed to work alongside the Eye.

That’s good news for people who have felt that the camera peripheral has had a lackluster library of compatible games thus far, and it gives a glimmer of hope for those who have been eagerly awaiting the new Motion Controller’s release.

No specific titles have been announced so far, but sports and pets games were mentioned among the titles compatible with the Motion Controller.  Let’s just hope this doesn’t turn into a third-party shovelware fiasco.  As much as this writer enjoys the Wii, he cringes in disgust at the thought of games like Imagine Party Babies.

So gamers, what can we expect from the Sony Motion Controller in 2010?  Will we get some decent offerings?  Out of the 10 games supposedly arriving for use with the Motion Controller, how many will be successful?  Lastly, when is the darn thing going to get a real name?  Oh, and please no ‘PS3-mote.’  That would be weak.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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