Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock announced by Amazon

Are we all ready for another Guitar Hero? Personally, I’m still recovering from the peripheral sickness (over usage of plastic peripherals), but for you fanatics, you will be happy to know that Amazon recently announced the possibility of the new installment to Activision’s popular rhythm game franchise being named, Guitar Hero:  Warriors of Rock. Now, this isn’t for sure, because the publisher of the game, Activision hasn’t announced anything yet on the upcoming title. “Warriors of Rock”, according to Amazon, is set to be released on September 21, 2010.

The game will be available by itself, but also as a Guitar bundle for $100, and a super bundle (which is probably all the instruments together) for $180.

So far, this seems like the standard template used for previous Guitar Hero games, hopefully they will be able to further diffuse the spectrum of music used on the game, as well as include more songs and continue a dedicated, online music store. Also, so far there has been no talk of musical education being involved in the game (like Rock Band 3).

So, what’s better? Being a legend of rock, or warrior of rock? Keep your eyes on to keep updated on this upcoming music game, let me know what your opinions are on this new installment to the Guitar Hero franchise.

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  1. I got sucked in and bought 3, world tour, Metallica, and 5, and truth be told I’m actually pretty excited for this one haha.

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