Capcom to Bring Street Fighter 4 to iPhone

As a surprise to everyone, Capcom announced the upcoming iPhone port of the sequel to one of gaming’s immortal classics – Street Fighter. But don’t think you are getting another half-baked port that’s hardly worth your time and money, Capcom have put a lot of work in the project, featuring even the art-style of the original game. The only two characters known to be included at this time are Ryu and Ken, but according to IGN there will be more. The game will feature a deep combat system, almost identical(in terms of features) to the one we saw in the original Street Fighter 4.

Street Fighter 4 on the iPhone will feature several different control methods, but not much is known about them. The game will also allow you to fight against another iPhone user via Bluetooth. More information about the game will be released eventually, and we’ll make sure it reaches you first. No release date as of yet, but since the game is near completion, it will be soon enough.

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