Where’s The Heart of The Podcast?!?!

Al Foulger is finally back! Yes kids after two weeks of being off the air, Al Foulger is back on the GamerSyndrome Podcast. “Well where have you been?” you might be asking.

Well two weeks ago I was in Austin for SXSW and boy it was a trip. I got to try out Comic Jumper from Twisted Pixel (Makers behind Splosion Man) which I will talk about on the show, and basically other than that I didn’t really do anything video game related that whole week.

Last week I was in a lot of school work I had to finish and also I had to renovate at the GameStop that I work at which was such a bitch to do. But this week you’ll finally hear me again and bask in all my glory. So listen to the next episode of the podcast tomorrow and we’ll catch up on old times together.

See you space cowboy,


Al Foulger

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