GamerSyndrome Podcast Resumes Play This Week!

GamerSyndrome Podcast Resumes Play This Week!

Unfortunately, last week we couldn’t really get an episode of the GamerSyndrome podcast out. What’s the reason? Well we had recording issues and now we have it all fixed up and ready to go. So this Friday we will definitely have a podcast out.

Also the podcast crew wanted to mention that we will gladly take your questions and answer them on the podcast. Just send an email to with your question or comment (if it’s hate mail, Al will make fun of you) and we will answer as many as we can on the show.

So this Friday, join Al Foulger, Daniel Campbell, Michael Johnson, and others, as they rant and talk about all things video games that happened during the week. Rate and subscribe to us on iTunes so we can come to you in your sleep also you can get us on podbean and if you love us, tell your friends, if not, tell your enemies.

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