Plants Vs Zombies iPhone Video Review

Plants Vs. Zombies
Developer: PopCap Games
Designer: George Fan
Genre: Tower Defense
Platform: iPhone / iPod Touch

Still on the fence about buying Plants Vs Zombies for your iDevice? Maybe Gamer Syndrome’s video review can help! I cannot say what state of mind I was in when I recorded the audio…or the video for that matter. It all came out a little cheesy and goofy. I hope you enjoy it none the less! Need…comments…they…sustain me… BLARG!!!


This is the first time I have adopted a star rating system. What do you all think? Do you like it better having a numeric rating system or would you rather me just state the good, bad and ugly?

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  1. Sweet review. You definitely got to the point here while still providing an in-depth look at the game’s pros and cons. I so want to play this, but I think I’ll stick with the PC version. Now should I go out and buy the game or just go the digital distribution route. So many questions… =P

  2. Daniel.Robert.Campbell · Edit

    Thanks! I tried to keep it fair and balanced. I only played the PC version a little bit, but I cannot imagine it working much better than it does on the iPhone. Being able to simply tap something seems like it would be so much faster than having to move your mouse to it and click. But what do I know? 🙂

  3. Daniel.Robert.Campbell · Edit

    Oh and about the physical copy vs digital distribution. I’d vote digital. That way it is tied to a profile rather than a physical disc. If you ever get a new PC or lose the disc you could be up crap creek. Plus more money goes to the deserving parties, the developers.

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