Modern Combat: Sandstorm

With it’s dynamic multiplayer system, Modern Combat Sandstorm is at the epitome of the online gaming experience on the iPhone. But we shouldn’t discount the engrossing singleplayer escapade.

Let’s take ourselves back to the year 2007. There was an old watermelon, a flock of seagulls and a game called Call of Duty 4, which revolutionised gaming. This was the renaissance of the online shooter. This is the phenomenon Modern Combat Sandstorm tries to grasp. For the most part, it has worked…

multiplayer classes

The online multiplayer is the real calling card for this game. The thing that deserves the most praise is the class system. You can choose a few combinations, but you are forced to make choices. You can choose Heavy Gunner, which furnishes you with an M249 SAW and an RPG. You can choose this if you want pure power, but you give up accuracy and mobility. You can choose an MP5 and a semi automatic shotgun, which gives you mobility but cripples you of long range power. There are similar choices to be made across the board.

SAW reload

The game uses the Gameloft Live! online service which works well for trophies and achievements. It also shows you your rank against other players, which can either be welcome news or an eye opener.

The singleplayer campaign is a blast. You can man a machine gun or cover your squad mates from long range with a sniper rifle. The variety is great and it means the campaign rarely get repetitive. At times, the story leaves you on the edge of your seat but it follows similar themes all the way through. In mission 2 for example, they realise they’ve been set up and they keep repeating it in most subsequent levels.

sniper interface

A special mention to the shotgun in this game it is possibly the best shotgun I have played with on the iPhone. The great sound combined with the enormous recoil to how the body flies into the nearest wall when shot is all really good.


Some of the assault rifles are not so great, especially the AK 47. The sound is just so feeble and worse, it is really underpowered. The M16 is so-so but it has a great iron sight, canceling out the low power and uninspiring sound effects. The MP5 is a great weapon, but it has a fifty round magazine capacity, erasing any sense of realism. The detail on this gun is commendable, with the bolt and selective fire switch both rendered in great detail.

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Modern Combat Sandstorm is a real experience and if you are a shooter fan, you owe it to yourself to buy this game. The multiplayer is great (although it is not 3G enabled) and the class system is fantastic. The singleplayer is great and the variety will keep you coming back for more. This replayability and pure fun enters Modern Combat Sandstorm into the catacombs of fantastic shooter.

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