iphone Piracy Costs Developers $450 Million

The financial news site, 24/7 Wall St has estimated that pirated apps on the iphone have cost Apple and games developers $450 million since the phone’s July 2008 launch.

They also suggest that for each application that has been legitimately purchased, three pirated downloads take place.

Many developers have questioned Apple’s standpoint with piracy and the lack of protection against it. In October Fishlabs CEO, Michael Schade, stated that their game, Rally Master Pro, had a 95% piracy rate on its launch day.

As a way to combat this, and subdue consumer complaints concerning the games pricing, Fishlabs lowered the RRP. Somewhat bemused by being forced to make this move, Schade stated:

“It feels kind of strange to be facing a discussion of 50 Euro Cents about international price points on a game that we have spent 5,000 working hours on. In combination with 95 per cent piracy (!) on the first day this makes it very hard to believe in the future of the App Store, sometimes,”

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. More developers should think about selling for free, or a trial for free, and then microtransactions in the game. You cant pirate micros, that I am aware of.

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