iPhone Final Fantasy Confirmed

Many of us have fond memories of playing the Final Fantasy originals that debuted on the NES. It’s quite amazing to think that the series gained its name due to Square underselling titles and anticipating Final Fantasy to be their final addition to the gaming market.

Well there’s some good news for those with a touch of 8-bit nostalgia, as Square-Enix confirm that the first two Final Fantasy titles will be winging their way to the iphone’s app store.

Unfortunately, Square-Enix haven’t announced release dates for the titles but it would be a good guess to assume that they would coincide with the March release of Final Fantasy XIII.

The Final Fantasy titles have always been a big hit, so it’s safe to assume that they will be top sellers. Lets just hope the ports run well…unlike the awful addition of a certain blue hedgehog.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. New Features:

    • Optimised control system for iPhone/iPod touch interface, enabling users to play the game as intuitively as possible by simply touching the screen.

    • Additional dungeons not available in the original 1987/1988 releases.

    • Bonus content accessed once the main game is completed.

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