Jagex Games Studios Releases “Miner Disturbance” for iPhone and iPod Touch

Jagex Games Studios Releases “Miner Disturbance” for iPhone and iPod Touch

Jagex, best known by their award winning, record breaking browser-based MMORPG have today released their third game for the iPhone and iPod Touch titled “Miner Disturbance”.

From the press release:

Tuesday 8th June/… Jagex Games Studio, the UK’s largest independent games company, today announced the release of Miner Disturbance, the studio’s third iPhone title. The launch of Miner Disturbance follows the huge success of Jagex’s first mobile games, Bouncedown and StarCannon, which have topped Apple’s App Store arcade charts with over 4.5 million downloads.

Miner Disturbance is a platform-style game in which players dig for precious metals, discover ancient artefacts and avoid mythical monsters and dangerous geographic hazards such as rockslides, flash floods and volcanic eruptions. The game also includes social networking integration, provided by OpenFeint, allowing players to show off their achievements and high scores to friends on Facebook and Twitter.

“Miner Disturbance is a hugely exciting, fast-paced puzzle platformer, and a perfect addition to our growing iPhone catalogue,” said Rob Smith, Jagex’s COO. “We have gone to great lengths to make the iPhone version of Miner Disturbance as compelling and enjoyable as possible by adding new levels, new interfaces and new power-ups. As a result, Miner Disturbance is our most in-depth and engaging iPhone game to date.”

Miner Disturbance launches at a special introductory price of £0.59 GBP ($0.99 / €0.79) for a limited time only, and is available to download today from the Apple App Store:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/miner-disturbance/id374275550?mt=8

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