Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Information

Publisher Rockstar Games
Developer Developed by Rockstar Leeds in association with Rockstar North
Formats iPhone and iPod Touch
Release January 18, 2010
List Price £5.99

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars offers many ways to customize the game for a tailor-made experience. These settings can be accessed in your PDA by first touching the red icon in the top-left corner of the screen, then by touching the System icon at the far right. Then simply click Settings to tweak the numerous settings. Below is a short description explaining some of more the detailed options.
PDA Theme – This option allows you to change the visual style of your virtual PDA desktop. Choose between the default Badger theme, the bright and colorful Sprunk theme, or the always classic Tw@ theme.

Preferred Radio Station – You can manually select which radio station you would like to play while driving a vehicle with this option, or let the game automatically choose for you. The “Independence” station is a custom playlist** that you can create that enables you to listen to your own music collection while playing the game.

**To create your custom Independence playlist, exit the Chinatown Wars game and create a playlist named “GTA” in iTunes (more info on how to do this can be found here After you populate it with songs from your music collection, sync your iPhone/iPod Touch and restart the game. Simply select the Independence radio station in the Music Player selection on your PDA desktop menu to begin listening to your custom playlist.

HUD Opacity – If you’d like the onscreen heads-up display to appear more transparent or more opaque, simply adjust the number in this setting. A lower number means it will appear more transparent, while a higher number makes the HUD more visible.

Steering Assist – With Steering Assist turned on, vehicles you drive will subtly straighten out while on the road, making it easier to follow road lines. Turn it off, and you’re given complete control to steer the vehicle as you wish.

Analog Driving – This setting allows you to choose two different driving control methods. With Analog Driving turned on, you can steer vehicles using the standard virtual analog stick used when on foot. With the setting turned off, the virtual analog stick is replaced with a streamlined two-button interface that lets you steer left and right. Both methods offer equal control over vehicles, and are purely a user preference.

Auto Reverse Vehicle Camera – When going in reverse while in a vehicle, the camera will automatically rotate around making it easier to orient yourself and gain a better view of the road. If you prefer to have a more static camera, turn this setting off.

World GPS – With this setting turned on, the turn-by-turn GPS route is displayed on the in-game road in real time. If you prefer to view the GPS route to be displayed only in your in-game radar, turn this setting off. Remember that you can always break off from the given route to find alternate routes.

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