Free iphone games a success

Who would have thought if you give away free iphone apps and video games people would like it?  with more then 2 million downloads the results are in “people like free things” …. surprised?

Santa Monica Ca-February 3rd 2010-The FreeAppADay initiative has been an enormous success with iBomber leading the charge and currently ranked #2 in the App Store. In just a 2 weeks span since its launch,the site’s initial application lineup generated well over 2 Million downloads, reached the million visitor milestone and saw its twitter account soared past the 5000 followers mark.

” The results were simply well beyond our expectations” said Joe Bayen” The level of enthusiasm has been so great that it forced us to upgrade our server capacity several times to sustain the high level of traffic” also announces that it will soon implement a voting system which will determine the 5 best apps of the month which will be highlighted with a gold frame. Additionally, the site which has initially been game focused, will soon be offering a more balance portfolio with the introduction of non-game application from virtually all iPhone application categories.

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