GAMEVIL Interview / Zenonia 2 Details + Zenonia 3 Underway!

The awesome folks over at GAMEVIL have been gracious enough to grant us an interview to discuss their upcoming release, “Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories”. See blow for the interview. If you have not played the original, you really should give it a try. There is no reason not to own this game if you have an iPod Touch or iPhone.

For those of you who are too lazy to read, a video of us reading the interview will be added later. Lazy illiterate fools! As an added bonus, GAMEVIL has agreed to answer any questions that we (or our readers) may have! So if you have any questions, post them in the comments and we will try and get an answer for you! ūüôā This is no guarantee that they will be answered, but it does not hurt to ask. ūüôā

Zenonia Questions:
Gamer Syndrome- We have already seen the additional classes and characters that are being added to Zenonia 2, what other types of changes/improvements can we expect to see in the sequel? Gameplay, Interface, Item management, Skill building, ETC.
GAMEVIL- This will be announced shortly. We can’t comment on this yet.

GamerSyndrome- Right now all we know is that the game will be released sometime in March. Is there a hard release date set for this title in the US? How about a price point?
GAMEVIL We’re targeting a late March launch for the title. There is not a hard release date set yet. The price point will be in the similar range to where the first version launched.

Gamer SyndromeРWhat can you tell us about PVP? How many players will be supported? Will there be local and online multiplayer? Is there online leaderboard support? Is there an experience system or is every encounter self contained?
GAMEVIL- PvP will be an asynchronous multiplayer, where you can upload your own character to the server and also download your friend’s character and data to your device to compete. We’ve chose this method since most of the users will not be connected all the time. And it would be a convenient way to play against your friends even though they are not playing the game.¬†There will be an online leaderboard support. Other details cannot be disclosed yet.

Gamer Syndrome-With Zenonia 2 already gearing up to be a huge success, can we expect to see a Zenonia 3 sometime soon? Or will we have to wait for nearly a year again to get more Zenonia loving?
GAMEVIL- ZENONIA 3 is already under development. We’ll typically launch a sequel to a game every year.

Gamer Syndrome-The game’s controls were¬†criticized, but largely attributed to the iPhone hardware rather than the game’s design. Has Gamevil changed anything to address this?
GAMEVIL- We’ve tried to listen to the user’s complaints, and made a couple of adjustments to the control, where you can change the location of the controller to where you feel the most comfortable and also change the size and transparency of it too.

Gamer Syndrome- Zenonia was not exactly a small spit of land. What can you tell us about the size of Zenonia 2 in comparison?
GAMEVIL- ZENONIA 2 is bigger with longer playtime.

Gamer Syndrome-What about the non physical aspects of the game? Can we expect to see more skills, quests, items, equipment?
GAMEVIL- More skills, more quests, more items and more equipment. Please look forward to our future announcements. Items and equipments attached will be visible on the actual character this time.

Gamer Syndrome- Zenonia took about 40 hours to complete in its entirety. Can we expect to see a more condensed experience for the sequel? About the same? Even more content?
GAMEVILAs mentioned before. It is bigger with longer playtime.

Gamer Syndrome- Many times developers insist on changing a system that is not broken. That being said, there are many things with Zenonia that worked very well. Are there any mechanics or features that remain untouched?
GAMEVIL- ZENONIA 2 carries the same spirit as the first version, so you’ll see certain systems remaining the same, but some being updated. The introduction of the range units is part of the significant changes you’ll see this time. We’ll see as we announce more details on the game.
General Questions:
Gamer Syndrome- The visual style of your games sport a very vibrant 2D sprite motif (read GORGEOUS). Is this a choice made due to the limitations of the hardware? Or is this more of a love letter to the old 16-bit style we all know and love?
GAMEVIL- It is a combination of both. A lot of users do think that 2D sprite is more easier and outdated, but in reality, it takes more time for the graphic designers, since they are creating all of the sprites pixel by pixel. We have hired pixel sprite specialists that we hire on top of the regular illustration graphic designers to accomplish this. For this reason, we’ve been able to squeeze in tons of sprites in to small amount of physical memory. For example,¬†If you have noticed, despite the huge size of the game, the original ZENONIA is less than 10 MB. This unique way of creating sprites does bring back a lot of memories to the old timers and also does appeal with its soft and handmade appeal to the younger generations too.

Gamer Syndrome-You guys have shown that you clearly know the formula for making a successful game on the iPhone can we hope to see a Gamevil game grace another platform in the future?
GAMEVIL- Our games are currently available on the Android, Windows Mobile, and Zeebo too. We’re planning on bringing our games to a wider audience so that everyone can eventually enjoy are games.

Gamer Syndrome-What words of advice would you give a fledgling developer looking to enter the iPhone development market?
GAMEVIL- The iPhone gaming market is a huge market growing every day. But at the same time it is highly competitive, which means it is very important to position yourself in a unique way to draw attention from the users.

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    They certainly do. I’m a big fan of their work. Usually a developer sticks to one genre if they are any good at it. But they have proven to be good at pretty much any genre they take a swing at.

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