Five iPhone Games You Must Play

There are almost too many outstanding games for the iPhone and iPad. For a new device owner, the choice can seem overwhelming at first, and so here is a quick, five-point starter guide to the best that the app store has to offer.

Angry Birds

The quintessential iPhone game: simple, fun, cheap, and with plenty of content. You use the touch screen to fling birds of various shapes, sizes and abilities, in an attempt to destroy a bunch of smug-looking pigs. Halloween and (upcoming) Christmas versions are also available. A must-buy.


The closest thing the app store has to Tetris or Lumines (Aside from Tetris or Lumines), Drop7 is one of those rare puzzle games which consumes you. Endless replayability, several modes, and that crucial ‘one more go’ appeal, make this the most addictive iOS game I’ve played. Pure, digital crack.

Plants Vs. Zombies

By all means check out our GamerSyndrome review of Plants Vs. Zombies, but in a sentence, all you need to know is that it’s the slickest, funniest and easiest to play tower defence games available. The touch controls work brilliantly on the iPhone (or iPad, or iPod Touch) and though it may lack the online play of its console cousin, it’s also a steal at £1.79.

Cut the Rope

Another puzzler in the Angry Birds mould, Cut the Rope is an adorable title in which, you guessed it, ropes must be cut in order to feed your pet monster his candy. Numerous challenges test both the player’s wit and dexterity, the game’s pacing and variety are both excellent, and more content is due to be added in the future. What more could you possibly want?


Though best experienced on the iPad, Osmos is a gorgeous game for all iOS devices, especially those with the new retina display. Again, the concept is delightfully simple: tap to propel a cell, collide with smaller cells to absorb them whilst avoiding being engulfed by larger cells. However, it’s the wonderful visuals and mesmerising soundtrack which really sell Osmos. Play it in the dark, with headphones on, and prepare to lose hours of your time.

Special Mention: Infinity Blade

Due to be released before the end of the year, Chair’s Infinity Blade looks like setting a new visual standard for iPhone games. Not only does it run beautifully on Epic’s Unreal Engine, but the talented developer of Shadow Complex looks to have created some of the most effective and intuitive touch screen controls seen yet for a hardcore, action-oriented title. For a hint at what’s to come, check out the currently available Epic Citadel.

So there you have it, five games out of the thousands on the app store which are certainly worth our time. Of course there are many more which I’ve missed on this list, be sure to let us know your favourite iPhone games in the comments section below.

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