Final Fantasy 1 & 2 sneak into the App Store

You know that huge fanfare you heard when Sqeenix launched Final Fantasy 1 and 2 onto the app store last night?  You didnt? Oh! Well I supposed that is because THERE WAS NONE! No worries though. That is what Gamer Syndrome is here for. The two classic titles crept into the store at $8.99 a piece. That may sound like a lot for an app, but for a good turned based RPG (which there are very little on on the iPhone) that is well worth the price tag.

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  1. And this marks the how manyth time they’ve ported FF1&2? I really wish they’d just do a complete overhaul of it than just porting it, like expanding the story, new battle system, making a thief actually worth a damn…

    Give me a good team and people will jawfloor at what I’d do to it.

  2. Daniel.Robert.Campbell · Edit

    Indeed. You know Activision gets a lot of crap for “Exploiting” their franchises, but Sqeenix is by far more guilty than they are.

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