Strategy Guide Series – The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks; Walkthrough Part 1

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks starts off with an introductory sequence from good ole’ Niko that’s very similar to the one from Phantom Hourglass. After the intro, you’ll be able to take control of Link. Exit the house and follow the pathway rigjt and up to the train station. Link’s mentor, Alfonzo, will come out and tell Link that he needs to get to Hyrule Castle in 300 seconds before his engineer graduation ceremony starts.

Initially, you won’t be able to sketch where you want to ride, but you are able to switch turning lanes. Getting to thhe castle is straight foward: just turn the train’s speed to max and make sure not to hit any of the other three trains. Once inside the Castle Town head north up into the Castle garden. Go straight up and talk to the guards to make them let Link through, then go north and speak with the next guard, prompting the goofy Chancellor Cole to let Link through. A cutscene will commence for Link’s graduation ceremony. When it’s over, you’ll receive a letter from Zelda telling you to meet her — open the letter in the menu screen and draw onto your own map the sketch she drew. Exit through the south door, head east and up a flight of stairs, then north and through the door Zelda marked with an X. Head up the north-western stairway to enter Zelda’s chambers.

After Zelda’s monologue, she gives Link the recruit’s uniform and asks for help in sneaking out of the castle. Head out through the south door. To get by the first set of guards, go up and around all the way to the south door in which you came in through. Jump down the ledge and make your way west. Leave Zelda by the bush, talk to the guard as Link, then take control of Zelda and move her around south to the next bush. Leave Zelda by those bushes and talk to the next guard so that he faces east — move Zelda south and around the bush, but not all the way over so the next guard doesn’t spot her. Pick up a rock as Link adn throw it north ahead of the next guard to disrupt his attention, and then quickly move Zeldawest and then south away from that guard’s sight and the next one’s as well. Now go south and back to the Castle Town. A little cutscene will play, and you’ll be on your way to the Tower of Spirits.

On your way to the tower, a spoiler-hefty cutscene will play. When all the action is over, Link will be back in Hyrule Castle. Exit the room you’re in, head south, east, and then north up the stairs to the throne room. Head north, through the right door, and up the next flight of stairs to arrive in Zelda’s chambers. Another cutscene will take place, and you will have acquired the Spirit Flute by the end of it. Once that’s all done with, head all the way south to the first floor. Go up the bottom-left set of stairs, north through the door, and then north down the next stairs. Go right and talk to the gaurd — he’ll inform you that you’ll need a sword in order to pass. Head all the way back to the main part of the first floor, right by the stairs leading to the throne room. Head right, up, and into the gaurds’ room. Talk to the leader to get the sword.

Once you compete the training head back over to the previously blocked door and go through it. Kill the enemies attacking the guard, and use a bomb flower to blow a a hole in the middle of the uppermost wall to reveal a hidden passageway. Inside the cave, push the block up and onto the northern switch to get a chest with a small key inside of it. Unlock the door and go up the stairs. Head up, right, then up again and clear the broken blocks with bomb flowers. Hit the four switches in the following order: right, top, bottom, and left to open the closed door. Head straight up this next room to enter the Tower of Spirits.

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