Strategy Guide Series – The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks; Item Guide

Need help finding the various items in the world of Spirit Tracks, or just want to find out what they do? Below you’ll find your one stop source for everything concerning items in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks!

Location: The sword can be found in Hyrule Castle, after Link talks to the guard captain, Russell.
Abilities: The first sword Link obtains is a pretty basic weapon with no significant abilities. It inflicts minimal damage at close range.

Lokomo Sword
Location: Anjean rewards Link the Lokomo Sword after completion of the Sand Temple.
Abilities: The Lokomo Sword is much like the Phantom Sword in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass — Link receives it near the end of the game, and it can defeat the game’s Phantom’s with one swing.

Location: Link’s trusty shield can be found in various stores throughout Hyrule for a cheap price.
Abilities: Like Link’s sword, his shield is pretty basic. When Link isn’t attacking enemies with a weapon, the shield can blow most projectiles fired at Link so long as he is faces the attack.

Shield of Antiquity
Location: Received as a reward from old Niko.
Abilities: The Shield of Antiquity has no real special abilities when compared to the basic shield — it’s just the shield used by the Link from The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass. However, the Shield of Antiquity does have a different design than the regular shield.

Location: Forest Temple.
Abilities: The Whirlwind is only activated when players blow into the DS microphone. This item is much like the Gust Jar from The Minish Cap: it fires a gust of wind at enemies that can potentially knock them out, and it can also blow small keys from ledges that are inaccessible to Link.

Location: Snow Temple.
Abilities: The Boomerang is almost exactly the same in Spirit Tracks as it was in Phantom Hourglass. This projectile-like weapon can stun enemies, kill pesky keese and grab small keys. Like in Phantom Hourglass, players draw a path for the Boomerang to embark on via the touch screen. A new feature for the Boomerang in Spirit Tracks is that it can take flames from torches, either fire or ice, and transfer them to different torches.

Location: Ocean Temple.
Abilities: The Whip is one of the most creative weapons in Spirit Tracks — it’s basically a combination of the Grapple Hook from Phantom Hourglass and The Wind Waker fused with a sword. With the Whip, players can swing Link over chasms and attack enemies with convincing strength; the Whip easily becomes the go-to secondary item in Spirit Tracks.

Bow and Arrow
Location: Fire Temple.
Abilities: The Bow and Arrow in Spirit Tracks is a carbon copy of the Bow from Phantom Hourglass. To operate it, players just tap the touch screen in the direction they wish to shoot.

Location: Various shops throughout Hyrule.
Abilities: Bombs in Spirit Tracks have the same function as pretty much every other Zelda game they’re featured in: the can hurt enemies and blow up cracked walls/floors.

Sand Wand
Location: Sand Temple.
Abilities: The Sand Wand has a pretty nifty ability: it can lift and lower bodies of sand. It’s used in puzzles throughout the dungeon it’s acquired in, the Sand Temple, but never really used outside the dungeon.

Bow of Light
Location: Sand Temple.
Abilities: The Bow of Light is the Spirit Tracks version of the classic Light Arrows. With the Bow of Light, arrow attacks have increased power. The Bow of Light also has the ability to active certain types of eye switches that the regular bow cannot.

Spirit Flute
Location: Received from Zelda in Hyrule Castle.
Abilities: The Spirit Flute lets players play the various musical tunes in Spirit Tracks. The songs have different abilities, ranging from calling in birds to digging up buried treasures.

Other Items:

Stamp Book: The Stamp Book is given to Link by old Niko. With the Stamp Book, players can collect stamps for each of the game’s 20 major locations.
Heart Container: Like Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks features Heart Containers instead of Heart Pieces. Collecting a Heart Container will increase Link’s maximum life capacity by one.
Small Keys: Small keys are found throughout the dungeons in Spirit Tracks. They can only be used in the dungeon they’re found in, and unlock doors.
Big Key: There is one Big Key per dungeon. The Big Key lets Link into the dungeon boss’s room. Unlike the small keys, Link has to carry the Big Key over his head.
Rabbit Net: The Rabbit Net allows players to participate in the game’s optional rabbit hunting side quest. Throughout Hyrule, there are several rabbits that Link can catch by using the net.
Bomb Bags: Bomb Bags upgrade the maximum amount of bombs that Link can carry.
Quivers: Quivers upgrade the maximum amount of arrows that Link can carry.
Rupees: Rupees are the main currency in The Legend of Zelda series. There are different rupees that are worth different amounts and are color coded.
Rail Maps: Rail Maps expand the world in which Link can travel on via train. Rail Maps are acquired after a floor in the Tower of Spirits is completed.

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