Strategy Guide Series – The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks; Walkthrough Part 2

Tower of Spirits One

After a little cut scene with Anjean, head north and up the set of stairs. Now follow the pathway up and into the first section of the Tower of Spirits. Head north and take on the Phantom — don’t worry, you’ll always lose this battle. Link will return to Anjean, where she will explain how the Phantoms are defeated. Go back to the first Tower of Spirits room, and go up and left to get the first Tear of Light. Remember to use your map as a reference. For the second one, head right and up. For the final Tear, go right and hit the switch with your sword. Now, quickly make your way left, down, and right all the way around to the bridge spawned by the switch — go across and snag the Tear.

Make your way over to the Phantom and strike its back with your powered up sword. This will start a cut scene in which Zelda takes over the Phantom’s body — now you’ll be able to control Zelda much like when her and Link were sneaking out of Hyrule Castle. Move Zelda to the door and have her open it with the help of Link, then go up the stairs. Go right — when you approach the spikes, move Zelda across them and to the right, then make her hit the switch to lower the spikes. Go right and down, and have Link and Zelda stand on the two floor switches. Head left and move the block to stop the rats from coming out of their hole, since they scare Zelda. Now, go left and move Zelda to the upper switch to lower the spikes. Have Zelda talk to the Phantom so that it’s facing the left, and move north with Link and up the stairs.

Now that you’re in the final room, head north and grab the Forest Rail Map. Head into the blue portal to return to the first floor, then speak with Anjean. She’ll give you a fancy new train — it’s time to head off to the Forest Temple.

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