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Today’s a bit of a slow day in the news room.  Not too much to report, really.  Well, nothing this writer is interested in reporting on.  So instead, here are a few Nintendo 3DS specs for you to read about, discuss, and speculate on.  Nothing here is certain, and it is all mostly word of mouth.  But heck, it certainly makes for good water cooler talk.

The first thing worth mentioning is the possible addition of an analog stick.  While the D-Pad on the current DS works exceptionally well, one can only imagine how cool an analog stick would be on a Nintendo handheld.  It will certainly make for more precise controls.  Oh, but worry not, the D-Pad will still be a part of the 3DS.

The handheld may also feature similar motion-sensing technology to that of the Wii Remote.  So there’s a big chance that some games will feature motion controls.  There are also reports going around in Japan that the 3DS will include a rumble feature.  That means gamers won’t have to shell out extra cash for a Rumble Pak.  Definitely sweet!

There have been different rumors going around regarding backward compatibility in the 3DS.  Word on the street is that the upcoming handheld will be backward compatible with the DSi.  In all likelihood, the handheld will support current DS game cards.  One thing’s for sure: Game Boy Advance cartridges will not be playable on the 3DS.

Lastly, let’s talk devs.  A number of developers are interested in the 3DS.  Imagine the folks over at Sega releasing an all-new Sonic game for the 3DS.  Or Level-5 launching a new Professor Layton game with cool pop-out puzzles.  Then there’s Square Enix, and we know the caliber of games they release.  With new technology and new features comes a laundry list of new game types that developers can release for the handheld.

Hope you enjoyed this look into the 3DS.  Again, nothing is certain, but it’s definitely good food for thought.  Nintendo may put all these rumors to rest at this year’s E3.  Until then, let’s keep speculating, folks!

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