Nintendo 3DS Producer Talks About the Upcoming Handheld

Nintendo 3DS Producer Talks About the Upcoming Handheld

In a recent interview with Wired, Hideki Konno, the man producing the upcoming Nintendo 3DS handheld, recently answered some very important questions surrounding the next-gen dual-screen portable.  Gamers and critics everywhere have been very interested in the 3DS as of late, and Mr. Konno was able to answer a number of questions that we’ve all been wanting answers for.

Regarding the handheld’s analog nub, Konno stated, “I think analog control is necessary.  I want to have Mario Kart with analog control.  Not only myself, but also Mr. Miyamoto was insisting that our next handheld have analog  control.”

When asked about the motion-sensing technology in the 3DS, Konno mentioned that it was the same tech as that of Wii MotionPlus.  Interesting stuff indeed.  “We think that there will be software that will emphasize motion control using the gyro.”  He also noted, “So there is the possibility that both 3D and motion control could be used in the same software.”

Konno also went into detail regarding Tag Mode, the size of the handheld’s screen, and the mystery behind just how the 3D effect in the handheld works.  For the full interview, click here.

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