New Nintendo DS in the Works

New Nintendo DS in the Works

In a recent statement made by Satoru Iwata he confirmed that Nintendo was working on a new DS.  Speculations have been made recently, but there was no idea as to how far along they were in the making, or if it was just ideas.  Iwata has confirmed that it’s in the works though there is still no timeframe, but it sounds like it’s more than just a pipe dream.  Iwata also says that, “the DS would require high resolution visuals and sensors for detecting player motions.”  As far as I’m concerned the motion detection makes sense, but high resolution graphics sounds like a big, and highly-anticipated, step for the Nintendo DS.  There is some speculation that the new DS will be powered by NVIDIA Tegra, which is a less powerful graphics card for handheld type devices such as Microsoft’s Zune.

While most of this is loose talk, and could turn out just as bad as it can good, we still can’t help but be excited about a more visually-powerful Nintendo DS.  Only time can tell how great it will actually be.

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