Netflix on the DS?

Netflix on the DS?

Recently the Nintendo beefcake Reggie Fils-Aime sat down in an interview with Kotaku and discussed something very interesting regarding the DS. Sure he talked about motion controls, cameras, blah blah blah. But then he went and talked about Netflix for the handheld. Do not get your hopes up yet though. Read the quote first.

“We’ve already shown an ability to transmit content from the Wii to your DS. We do it with [Nintendo of Japan’s video-on-demand] Wii No Ma service. We can transfer game demos from the Wii to the DS too, so the technology is absolutely possible,”

From the sounds of it, the “streaming” would simply be from the Wii to the DS. So don’t go thinking you will be able to bum free internet from Starbucks to watch “The Iron Giant” just yet. Although this is not a confirmation, it looks like the wheels are definitely turning on us getting “streaming” movies on our handhelds. Lets hope they figure out how to pull it off without needing the Wii middle man.

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